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performance about the selfhood


Soliloqio a due tells the biographical story of a body/persona as the subject and object of experience, of care and practice. Implying reciprocal interaction, Soliloqio a due surges from the convergent fascination of a dancer and an illustrator for the human body.

Multi-faceted portraits of the dancer reference the tradition of representative graphic anatomy yet dissolve into symbol and metaphor. They embrace or jostle the unique, singular, performative body; at once object and subject/agent of action.

Projected on the far wall, are pages from an atlas, anatomical cartography.

Photographic images, illustrations reworked through technical variant, content or spirit. Is it possible that the body gives itself once for all time? Is the biological entity the true custodian of identity? What are the visible or invisible details that make up a body or its representation? Created in dialogue with both graphic representations and living presence of the body, Alessandro Bartolena’s evocative sonic ambient affirms and deepen perception.


Concept: Francesca Pedullà and Sabrina Marzagalli

Body on stage: Francesca Pedullà

Drawing: Sabrina Marzagalli

Original music: XU Circle-Alessandro Bartolena

Light design: Frey Faust

Photography: Federica Guglieri and Beatrice Testa

Props: Ad Hoc legno e disegno

Support: Progetto Maia 2016-Teatro Akropolis, Teatro dell’Archivolto, Accademia di Belle Arti di Genova, Tanzfabrik Berlin.


Duration 38 minutes

more about: https://www.myelinzone.org/

photo Federica Guglieri


What would a man do if he could not see? Or if he could no longer walk? Or use his arms? This restriction experiment proves nothing scientifically, but allows us, the dancers, to challenge ourselves to continue to find ways to play, even if, or even perhaps because we have less toys to play with.

Concept: Baris Mihci, Jerome d’Orso, Frey Faust

Duration: 25 min.

photo Eric Acakpo
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"I" co-create performance to go beyond the border of verbal communication.


Nita Little 

J Mo'ong Santoso Pribadi


drawing Frey Faust