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limited amount !

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*This page will be updated after announcing Conference dates and venue! 

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* There is an option of arriving one day earlier and/or leaving one day later for a small additional price, we will send all the information regarding extra accommodation and the prices during the registration phase.  

➊ Fill out Participant Registration Form, and get automated registration message

➋ Make a payment and  send a payment screenshot to: info@aslithuania.com

➌ We will send you confirmation letter
We are warmly encouraging early registration to provide the strongest economy for event to happen!
The Conference is offered in English.
We reserve the right to change the venue at our discretion and in this event will send an email to participants giving at least 48 hours notice of such change. In the case of such change, we promise that the alternative venue will be of equal quality standards.
Transfer details:
 Name: Aurimas Razanauskas
 Bank: SEB
 Account: LT507044000167631012
 Note: "Conference Freedom and Constraint 2020" 
 Bank code: 70440
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EXTRA ACCOMODATION (extra .. € per night)

Thank you. We are happy to receive your registration. To finish registration process please send us a screenshot of your payment, email: info@aslithuania.com 

Looking forward to meet you in the Conference!

Warm Wishes, ASIRN

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​The tricky thing in preparing for an event is that all the planning depends upon the number of people who come. As a result, we are trying to get the clearest possible sense of attendance in order to prepare ourselves and the venue without incurring high fees for cancellations.

  • If you cancel your registration on or before the ........,  you will receive a full refund of all participation fees.

  • If you cancel between the .......,  you will receive 50% of your total fees.

  • From the 20th of March we must charge full fees.


You may of course give your place to someone else without any surcharge. Just notice us about that: info@aslithuania.com
If we have to cancel the event, our liability in the event of cancellation is limited to a full refund of the event fee only.


We will not refund the following:

  • any travel or hotel costs associated with the cancellation of an event
  • any fees relating to the event booking.

We accept no liability if the event is cancelled or postponed for reasons beyond our reasonable control resulting from Force Majeure​.